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Solving problems will save you money, put you ahead of your competitors and make you more profitable - and ignoring them will not...

The elite in every field or discipline have coaches to advise & guide them to their peak performance - do you?​ Contact us today for a no-cost review of your most pressing problems because it's time to find that solution!




We help businesses get their people & processes "unstuck" by designing a customized approach to the team building, consulting, training and coaching needs of your business or organization.




Organizational Lifecycle Analysis

Family Business Transition

Due Diligence Preparation (Seller's Side)

Due Diligence Review (Buyer's Side)

Team Based Problem Solving

Leadership Development (Emerging)

Leadership Development (Hi Potential)

New Manager / Supervisor Training

Aviation Specific Consulting

Brite Ideas



Actionable ideas that can improve your leadership ability, challenge your thinking and help you solve the problems you face every day.  When you find one you like, feel free to share it with others...

Brite Consulting is your Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner and ready to help you improve the performance of your most important resource - your people!  There are specific tools for individuals, teams, managers and leadership that will help you build a resilient and collaborative culture - let us tell you how.

Organizational Life Cycle

One of the tools Brite Consulting uses to help organizations identify the appropriate problems to be solved is the Adizes Organizational Lifecycle Methodology.  This is a powerful diagnostic framework that helps identify the location of the business is as it moves towards "Prime" and the normal (and abnormal) problems that need to be addressed along the way.

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