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Are You Squandering Your (Limited) Energy?

Photo by Daniel Mayovskiy on Unsplash

Credit: Lex Sisney - Organizational Physics

An organization's energy must be available to be spent on external problems and opportunities rather than squandered on internal conflict and the "entropy" that exists in our day-to-day reality.

How do we change our reality? How do we reduce the energy and resources currently being spent on addressing problems that keep reoccurring - conflicts that drain our energy, demoralize our staff and the endless meetings and discussions that produce few (if any) beneficial results? In the formula above, Success = ∑ and  ∑ which represents the sum of Integration over Entropy.

For this discussion, Entropy is the amount of time, energy and resources required to maintain the existing system, to make and implement decisions and get normal day-to-day work done. This is energy spent on office politics, the internal "selling" of ideas, motivating (or threatening) people to "do the right things", explaining why something needs to be done (again), convincing peers or subordinates to do what you need them to do - and then doing it all over again tomorrow....

Integration is the time, energy and resources available to spend on problem solving (not problem discussing), addressing external challenges and identifying & seizing opportunities.  Integration is the energy available that can be spent matching our businesses capabilities with the opportunities available, in other words - growth!

The simple fact is that if we are spending our time, energy and resources to keep ourselves from "falling apart" on a day-to-day basis, those resources are not available for growth and opportunity. In a Zero-Sum reality, that is a recipe for stagnation (at best) and disaster (at worst).

Available energy and resources always gets spent first on the Entropy "non-negotiables" - the things we do because they keep the lights on, make the trains run on time and prevent catastrophic events from happening. Here's the question; when you are finally done with Entropy, is there anything left to be invested in Integration? If there isn't, Success will continue to remain out of reach.

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