Where to start? 






​Organizations can get used to their problems.  If you ask, they might tell you "that's just the way it is around here".  It's not uncommon to struggle with low engagement, higher than desired attrition, too few staff that are ready and willing to accept the next challenge.  Organizations (like people) can develop a "limp" that they don't even notice - but everyone else does.  Let Brite assist you in solving the problems that have become all too familiar...

Organizational Lifecycle Analysis

Organizations are born, grow, mature and often die but (unlike people) they do not have a finite lifespan. Some organizations have been around for years but act like they're a start-up and others have only been around for a short time but have "old age" problems.


The goal of Lifecycle Analysis is to identify where a business is today and how to bring them to "Prime", where there is an optimal mix of organizational flexibility and control. Once in "Prime", the organization can remain there indefinitely.  Interested in knowing where your organization stands?

Family Business Transition


A family business is a special thing, with special challenges. It's not just the complexities of running a business in the face of competitors, a complicated regulatory environment and constant change... the family dimension makes it "different".

It's not unusual for a family business to struggle through a transition of control from founder to the next generation(s)  It's not unusual for selling the business to seem the least painful option or for a family to have relationships strained (or worse) through the transition process.  It doesn't have to be that way! 

Leadership Development



Most organizations aren't very effective when it comes to developing their staff - and the results speak for themselves.  Today, a staff that doesn't believe they are being prepared for future success is a staff that is underperforming and probably disengaged.  The result is expense and pain caused by constant attrition; the price paid for not investing in your talent.

Abraham Lincoln said "Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I'll spend the first 4 sharpening the axe."  Failing to invest in developing your leadership results in lots of activity - a lot of sweat and blisters - but not the results you desire. Let Brite Consulting develop a customized solution for your specific requirements - do you want to lose more key staff?

Team Based Problem Solving



How many hours do you spend in meetings and workshops trying to solve your problems?  Too many?  And once you arrive at a solution, does the implementation take so long it creates a cycle of pain that makes leadership and staff dread the problem solving process itself?


Using the "Team Problem Solving" methodology developed by the Adizes Institute, you can become skilled in a powerful problem solving AND implementation methodology that increases team engagement & satisfaction while helping you identify your most valuable staff members in the process.